Minimizing The Software Liability For A Large Financial Institution

The financial institution was facing an IBM renewal support deadline and an upcoming usage audit for their IBM product stack across a variety of on-premise and cloud environments. The renewal support and audit threatened to strain their budget and take time and resources to achieve a feasible result. Additionally, with over 10 years of mergers and acquisition activity, this organisation was unsure if they had breached any compliance or software licensing contracts with IBM which posed a financial risk.

The Challenge: 

IntegrationWorks team was engaged by the customer to uncover any breaches of software compliance and prepare the enterprise for renewals.
Firstly, the LicenseWorks team conducted a thorough audit and licensing assessment for all their IBM assets. The review was delivered in light of the organisations real-time needs versus future state requirements. 

The company didn’t have the critical expertise they needed to make a strategic decision, nor access to previous contracts that may have been signed by other organisations prior to acquisition. Additionally, with a busy transformation programme in flight, they didn’t have time or resources available to immerse themselves in IBM’s complex licensing rules and systems. 

IntegrationWorks were able to offer a plan to renegotiate the IBM licensing agreements, as well as proactively address the licensing breaches.
This proactive nature ensured that no penalties were gained, and specific license contracts were bundled to ensure easier tracking of compliance measures. IntegrationWorks team worked closely with a small number of representatives from the financial institution and IBM to come to a variety of solutions that saved
the customer time, effort, and money.

The Result: 

The restructure and reduction of the licensing products and support contracts secured immediate and significant savings that were realised annually and guaranteed further savings in future years. This was achieved without compromising any essential components of the licensing inventory and the contracts were left with the flexibilty to upsize any licensing requirements the enterprise may need in the future.

With IntegrationWorks help, the technical team was prepared and knowledgeable on the day of their IBM renewal date and confident in securing the best deals available, while not being hit with any unplanned compliance breach penalties.
This was all achieved while the business continued operations as normal, and the technical team was able to focus on their transformation projects.

**Due to contractual NDA we are unable to disclose the name of these organisations**

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