Minimise risk. Optimise your deployments. Achieve compliance.


How would it feel if you were fully compliant across all your software deployments and all your vendors? What if your deployed software was optimised? If the reality of ITAM tools and processes lived up to the promise? Would it move your business’ bottom line?

This is what a successful License Service achieves. And LicenseWorks delivers successful outcomes, time after time. We create simplicity out of complexity, integrating diverse systems, applications and License Metric Tools into a unified, coherent SAM Service Model.

Flexible. Scalable. Future-proof. Compliant. A solution that minimises risk, optimises deployments and achieves software compliance.



Achieving software compliance is very challenging, but necessary. It mitigates risk and saves significant costs. As a best practice, this is what we recommend considering…



Vendor Management

Managing New License transactions and Renewals

Contract Negotiation

Mergers, Acquisitions or Divestitures

Given our in-depth understanding of the software vendors pricing, policies and approval processes along with a successful track record of negotiating enterprise agreements and a myriad of other contractual options, we take time, stress and risk out of the negotiation process ensuring our clients get the best possible outcomes.

Our License Management team provides a consolidated view of the software assets and an accurate renewal forecast on a quarterly & yearly basis.

We work with our clients to review their existing agreements, restrictions and important clauses buried in the Information Technology Agreements to mitigate risk, reduce duplicate costs, and ensure the licensing contracts align to new organisation ownerships and corporate structures within, when our clients are facing mergers and acquisitions.


Through our broad and in depth knowledge of software licensing, we have developed a proven methodology to review our clients existing deployments versus purchased entitlements and optimise a compliant, go forward position based on their current and future needs.

The licensing optimisation is typically comprised from 4 phases:

Compliance Phase:
Where we assess the purchased versus deployed entitlements

Size phase:
We run various licensing scenarios for multiple vendors to identify the best solution that fits our clients to achieve significant savings.

Roadmap & Strategy phase:
We assess our clients future plans, business objectives and license requirements.

License Consultancy phase:
We make specific recommendations and provide on-demand access to our Licensing Experts, Vendor Managers, Architects to help our clients in their journey.

Licensing Optimisation is especially important when migrating to Cloud. We review our clients’ perpetual entitlements, restrictions and metrics to plan a way forward with a refreshed licensing model to ensure a smooth transition to Cloud. We also support our clients as they look to identify the best approach and option when moving to a SaaS model.


ITAM Business Practices and Processes

Deployment Analysis

Compliance Recommendation

Compliance Reporting

Risk Assessment

License Metrics and

Enforcing IT Controls

We provide an open, transparent, and definitive assessment of the compliance position. We achieve this with an engagement process that’s designed to help measure actual usage versus contractual entitlements, and to address the operational and financial risks associated with any unauthorized deployments.


Risk Assessment

Defence Negotiation & Dispute Resolution


Define Rules of Engagement

Action Plan

Scope and Timelines Negotiation

Our team of software compliance professionals from IBM, Oracle, SAP, VM and Microsoft assist our clients with everything from being compliant upfront through to defending them against auditing findings or negotiating the best outcome if a breach is found.


Camelia our head of Procurement and Software Compliance deep dives into the intricacies of License management in this webinar series. Covering topics such as container licensing, IBM compliance, and why it matters to get it right!

Webinar #11 Dec 2022 – Software Audit Defence

Each software audit is different, but most share the basic steps of preparation, planning, risk assessment, and audit procedures, as well as the best negotiation strategies.

Webinar #10 Dec 2022 – Licensing Optimisation

Licensing optimisation is a complex exercise, but the potential cost savings are too large to be ignored. It has become a priority for most organisations today. 

In this session, we explore the importance of developing a SAM best practice and how we can help you optimise your software deployments. 

Webinar #9 Nov 2022 – Container Licensing How is it different?

According to Gartner, by 2026, more than 90% of global organisations will be running containerised applications in production, up from less than 40% in 2021. In addition, by 2026, 20% of all enterprise applications will run in containers – up from fewer than 10% in 2020.

In this webinar, we look into why it is important to understand Container Licensing and what you need to know to ensure software compliance.

Webinar #8: Sept 2022 – How to leverage ILMT & Optimise your IBM Software Deployments

In this webinar, we discuss how you can leverage the available IBM SAM tools, mitigate risk and optimise your software deployments. 

GSDC SAM Webinar – Software Compliance

While the content is designed with the CIOs in mind, it is valid for any technology leaders managing software compliance. In this session, we will attempt to answer one critical question: Why is software compliance essential, and why should you care as a technology leader?

Webinar #7: Sept 2022 – The CIO’s Guide to Software Compliance

Although the IT Governance framework is different for every organisation, there is a common set of responsibilities that CIOs should be undertaking to ensure software compliance.

In this session, we deep dive into the basics of IT Asset Management, Software Compliance and Audit Defence, look into the Gartner report and the latest findings, explore the Vendors’ primary focus during the Covid pandemic, investigate the software compliance risk and the potential cost of non-compliance.

Webinar #6: July 2022 – IBM Licensing: What do you need to know?

Managing vendor relationships and contracts is challenging. Licensing compliance involves many layers of complexity that customers need to understand to be able to make the most out of their existing agreements.

This webinar is an overview of the latest licensing updates from IBM, the common challenges that our clients are experiencing, and how to negotiate better contractual terms and ensure software compliance.

Webinar #5: Dec 2021- Software Audits: The Rules of Engagement

Are you ready for a software audit? And do you have an engagement plan in place?  Each audit engagement is unique, but most share the basic steps of preparation, planning, risk assessment, and audit procedures, as well as best negotiation practices.

Webinar #4: Oct 2021- Licensing Optimisation

Coming Soon!

Webinar #3: Aug 2021- Container Licensing
Webinar #2: July 2021 – IBM Licensing: Are you compliant?
Webinar #1: May 2021 – IBM Licensing: Why it matters to get it right?


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